Thursday, August 25, 2011


i dream of her...

at the time i miss her the most, she left me without any word...

so lonely..

as i sleep, i dream of her..

she came to my house..
all of my family and hers was there too..
seems like everybody was happy..
but only her...

even once,she dont want to look at me,
i stare deeply into her eyes..

"why?did i make any wrong to you my love?. i'm so sorry if i made one.i love you.please,see me right now. cant you see im standing infront of you?.i need you!"said me slowly..

all my cousin are coming, so she and her younger brother gone to my bedroom..
sleeping there..
and all i can do at that moment was just staring at her..
she cover all her body with blanket,
seem like she dont want to see me anymore..


i woke up from my dream..

thank god, it just a dream....a very scary and sorrow dream..

i miss her right now..


i think i should continouing my sleep...
please, give me some sweet dream that can make me smile when i wake up in the morning..