Monday, July 11, 2011

Practising 1

While waiting for AWAN practising her BEL for speaking test...

Ahaha, long time since I left my BEL subject.
I miss it, very much!..
Especially puan nor hatom, she's one of my favourite LEC that time..
Each time her subject came up, I could not wait to attend her class
juz imagine how she teach my friend and I, and making funny jokes so the class will be full with joy and laugh..

Fun isn't?..yup,realy2 fun!!

all that fun moment has gone
only Joy memory safetly keep inside my head and wish it can come back again one day..

However, life still need to go on..
Try to collect more fun memory in the future.
Wish that another great journey waiting ahead for me


Where is she realy?..
Taking so much time to prepare for her test..(ha3,sabar la :p )

p/s: tgk transformers ari tu, layan siot!


There are many thing in this world that I can buy if I had the money..

I cannot afford to buy her,
Eventhough money can solve anything
I cannot afford to buy something so precious as u..

just wanna remind myself..
To be thankfull to Allah for lending me YOU..